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DC Health Link


When DC Health Link fell behind schedule and was at risk of losing its federal charter, the DC Health Benefits Exchange (DCHBX) engaged the team lead by principals now at Agilian to establish an agile program management office, re-architect the system, and provide development and quality assurance services.           

The Agilian principals transitioned the project to an agile delivery model, and recovered the schedule.  As a result, DC Health Link was one of only four states that successfully launched on time for ACA Open Enrollment in 2013. 

In the following years, the team became a critical partner for all of the government agencies that comprise DC Health Link, taking a lead role in strategy, enterprise architecture, grant management, web development, UI/UX, software development, project management, software quality assurance, data analytics and operations and maintenance for both the District’s Health Benefit Exchange and city’s Medicaid eligibility system for the Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF).


DC Health Link screenshot.png

Finally we were also responsible for planning and coordination of the dozen or so vendors re-architecting DC Health Link to an agile, cloud based, continuously integrated, open-source exchange.   Our software development teams delivered the DCHBX mobile apps for iOS and Android, and created an open source APTC reconciliation system for the Exchange by leveraging the open source MAGI-In-The-Cloud code.

Agilian principals also provided project oversight, storyboarding services, User Interface design, editorial support, copywriting, Drupal and HTML programming, Dev Ops support, and project management for the DC Health Link web redesign efforts in 2015.  The redesign incorporated integrating HBX’s new plan management system (Enroll App), re-implementing integrations with Oracle Identity Management, integrating a third-party product (Consumer Checkbook), and designing new landing page content for a smooth handoff to the Medicaid (and APTC) Integrated Eligibility system. Our team was responsible for coordinating with all of the vendors to harmonize all the user interfaces and content so that the site presented a unified and intuitive user experience for consumers, businesses, and brokers.

Result: The DC Health Link redesign project has led to the site being widely lauded as the most complete and user friendly insurance exchange in the country, having been picked two years running by Clear Choices as the highest scoring health benefits exchange.

Clear Choices Scorecard.png

DC Access System (MAGI Medicaid)


In Fall 2013, the DC Access System project was preparing to deploy a new version of their Medicaid eligibility system, but the city had reservations about the accuracy of the newly developed software at calculating the new MAGI eligibility rules.  The city asked our CEO, Jamey Harvey to create a quality assurance methodology to determine the accuracy of the product.  Several days later, having run more than 300 rigorous test cases, it was discovered empirically that that the system was inaccurate at that point of time   Our project manager took the lead working with the vendors to continuously improve the eligibility over the coming weeks.  Forty-five days later the engine was producing accurate results for 95% of the test cases and more than 99% of the users of the system.  

DCAS application architecture.png

Shortly after this our team was asked to lead and staff an independent test, QA, and Operations and Maintenance group to assure the quality of the DCAS deliverables, as well as setting up and managing a production change control board for the system and developing a suite of automated tests in Selenium for smoke and regression testing. 

Result: The DCAS project passed federal blueprint testing, went live on time and is considered one of the most successful MAGI eligibility projects in the country.  The team’s skills and the processes developed by our consultants have allowed the DCAS project to thrive and grow while other state integrated eligibility programs have struggled.


The Agilian team provides project oversight, storyboarding services, graphic design, User Interface Design, Drupal and HTML programming, Dev Ops support, and Amazon Web Hosting services for the DC OAG web redesign.  We've delivered the new website on-time, and on-budget, making it easier for residents to access consumer protection, child support, worker and tenant rights resources.

OAG website screenshot.png

Result: The OAG website redesign project allows the Office of the Attorney General to project its own brand and messaging (as an elected official) distinct from the message and brand of the DC government, while still being discoverable through the domain name.



Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) PMO


The Agilian team provided a detailed review of the existing child welfare system for the DC Child and Family Services as they determine path forward for acquisition replacement.  Agilian designed a high-level roadmap which documented the “as is” and “to be” states, built initial prototypes, documented all the clinical practices (policies), planned workflow for the solicitation; elicited requirements and documented them for use in a system acquisition. Created a Documentation repository and indexing system to manage the mutli-million-dollar, 5-year project. 

Results- CFSA and the future implementation vendor are provided a well-documented, agile-oriented, solicitation and supporting prototype with the ability to track against plan and have traceability to the artifacts and requirements. 



D.C. Bar modernization strategy and architecture


Agilian established and managed the D.C. Bar Enterprise Architecture framework to support the association in their efforts to modernize their delivery of services to their members to the 21st century. 

Result- The D.C Bar enterprise architecture framework is designed to allow the Bar to orchestrate a strategic shift in their approach to servicing Bar members: leveraging the web, e-commerce, mobile, and digital channel communication. The D.C. Bar Enterprise Architecture is a critical roadmap for coordinating internal teams, communicating with partners, and clearly delivering to members the value of their continued investments.